REBEL Deck Reading: Be Brave

These fucking cards. When I thought of the subscribers as a collective and drew these cards, it feels like I may have pulled similar ones before! Like there is a fucking theme, and it is GET THE FUCK GOING!

You, yes YOU... are being called to do something amazing! But you aren't ready. Well, you ARE ready, but you don't feel ready.

Why haven't you taken enough steps forward? These cards say it's time for a damn release. You are holding on to way too much shit. Let it go. Cry. Laugh. Have some sex, go on a long hike, cry some more. 

The point is to have the intention to release the crap needs to get out.

And NO MORE FUCKING excuses!! Don't mean to yell- blame it on the cards bruh.

The energy is already starting to shift to bring in 2020 (yea, REBEL Deck can get woo-woo, too) so embrace this momentum, get shit out of your system and be BRAVE!

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I am a brave betch. I see my excuses, then I show them to the fucking door and kick 'em out. I embrace all my emotions while moving toward my soul's purpose.

The GAME was used today.

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