REBEL Reading: Holiday Edition

Let's fucking go hard!

Here's a MEGA REBEL Deck Reading before hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season.

I used the complete REBEL Deck Collection. YAS!

Let's start in the top left corner where the "Scenario" card from The GAME anchors the reading.

When self-care was pulled, I was like "FuCk mE", seriously??!!

But the Universe has jokes + really wants to make sure we're good. Ok, FINE!

Whether the next few weeks will be spent with people, furry ones, or solo, we're invited to focus on the following themes...

Gratitude - Not gonna preach here, we know what this is all about. Instead, try an exercise. Take a scrap piece of paper and write down three things you're grateful for. 

Tape it up and re-do every day for this week only. Make gratitude simple and visual. If shit gets crazy, go back to your list and breathe.

Realize no one is fucking perfect (including you). Don't just pass the eggnog, pass on some GRACE and don't forget to serve yourself a healthy portion of both. 

Remember that you're the SHIT! You have value, you add your uniqueness to the world. Boundaries will be the spiritual lube for the season. Use it and make everything smoother.

Forgive every-fucking-body, including yourself. Can't let shit go because your heart hurts? Do your work to make a step forward in forgiveness. It's a process. Hell, some people we have to practice forgiving EVERY DAY.  Your heart still needs it.

And finally, Laugh FUCKERS.
No explanation needed.


P.S. I'm so grateful for YOU! Y'all make email marketing warm and personal and I so look forward to doing these reading weekly! Hugs!

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I fucking love myself! I eat, play, and move through life in gratitude. I honor all the complications of life with grace. I bring my awareness back to my thoughts and if all else fails, I laugh hard at all life's fuckery!

The Original, Couples and GAME were used today.

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