REBEL Reading: Holiday Edition

Let's fucking go hard! Here's a MEGA REBEL Deck Reading before hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season.
I used the complete REBEL Deck Collection. YAS!
Let's start in the top left corner where the "Scenario" card from The GAME anchors the reading.
When self-care was pulled, I was like "FuCk mE", seriously??!!
But the Universe has jokes + really wants to make sure we're good. Ok, FINE!
Whether the next few weeks will be spent with people, furry ones, or solo, we're invited to focus on the following themes...
Gratitude - Not gonna preach here, we know what this is all about. Instead, try an exercise. Take a scrap piece of paper and write down three things you're grateful for. 
Tape it up and re-do every day for this week only. Make gratitude simple and visual. If shit gets crazy, go back to your list and breathe.
Realize no one is fucking perfect (including you). Don't just pass the eggnog, pass on some GRACE and don't forget to serve …

A Naughty + Nice Reading

It's not a big fucking surprise that these cards would come up for this week's reading.
Why is it so hard to get to the root of issues? Cuz it can hurt like a betch, that's why! That deep cry where you can't breathe? Ugh. But damn it if that isn't what is needed sometimes.
Our body can clear shit when it is allowed to acknowledge feelings.
Too many times, we try to figure out WHY we are feeling what we're feeling. Our head and heart speak different languages and sometimes we just have to accept our emotions as they are. We need to give them the space to clear so that we can move the fuck forward.
So embrace those tears bitchachas, and know you can handle whatever lies beneath. 
REBEL Deck ASSfirmation: I embrace my tears as healing tears. I'm not afraid of the deep fucking emotions. I am strong enough to explore who I am and feel what I feel.
The Original Rebel Deck and The Universe Has Your Back Deck was used today.
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REBEL Reading: Self-care

I'm gonna keep it real with you, I'm tired AF.  So I'm gonna keep this ultra-short and sweet (cuz I can't NOT do this cuz I love it!)
Hmmm, maybe these cards came up because of the possible family dinners, or time in those fucking crowds? But even if you haven't been doing a ton of people-y stuff, it's ok to hibernate (cue fuzzy socks).
And while you're spending all that time alone, focus on you. Leave their dumb shit to them. Hone in on what you can do to make your life better. Once you take back your power and focus on what you CAN change - your ass will feel energized!
REBEL Deck ASSfirmation: I know when to shut my mouth and I honor the time I need to be by my-fucking-self. I allow people the space to be themselves, even if that means they will be assholes. I focus on my shit and love myself enough to rest.
The Original Deck was is used today.
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REBEL Reading: Boundaries

Why, oh why, do we waste our precious fucks? Why do we not set boundaries? Why do we not consider the source when we listen to bullshit?
Should I keep going?
Why does it matter what people think of how we choose to show up in the world, who we choose to love, or how to BE? 
If no one is getting hurt, then why does it matter what others think about YOUR LIFE?
If this first card strikes a chord, then you're giving fucks about shit you shouldn't be. Maybe they're small things, maybe they're big. Either way, take inventory on how you spend your time and attention!
Maybe you do need to start giving a fuck about your sleep. Time to get some of that sweet soul balm... asap. 
Too many times we blow shit out of proportion, not because of a real issue, but because our needs haven't been met. 
We haven't rested, eaten well, exercised, taken time for ourselves... then when we lose our ish, we blame everything and everyone else.
Just. Don't.
Know yourself well enough to…

REBEL Deck Reading: Be Brave

These fucking cards. When I thought of the subscribers as a collective and drew these cards, it feels like I may have pulled similar ones before! Like there is a fucking theme, and it is GET THE FUCK GOING!
You, yes YOU... are being called to do something amazing! But you aren't ready. Well, you ARE ready, but you don't feel ready.
Why haven't you taken enough steps forward? These cards say it's time for a damn release. You are holding on to way too much shit. Let it go. Cry. Laugh. Have some sex, go on a long hike, cry some more. 
The point is to have the intention to release the crap needs to get out.
And NO MORE FUCKING excuses!! Don't mean to yell- blame it on the cards bruh.
The energy is already starting to shift to bring in 2020 (yea, REBEL Deck can get woo-woo, too) so embrace this momentum, get shit out of your system and be BRAVE!
REBEL Deck ASSfirmation: I am a brave betch. I see my excuses, then I show them to the fucking door and kick 'em out. I em…

REBEL Deck Reading: Inner Guidance

Energy has been weird AF recently. I don't care if you blame it on planets or oncoming holidays or daylight savings time, but shit has been a little off.
This card was pulled for y'all so you hold up. Maybe not forever - but just for a bit. Don't force anything, big or small. 
If you do a quick scan of your life right now, you'll know exactly what SHOULD NOT happen right now.
Maybe you're about to make a purchase you shouldn't, reconnect with someone, or maybe even indulge in self-sabotaging behavior. Nah, Bitchacha. Now is not the time.
The second card is challenging you to really figure some shit out. Don't go asking everyone else what you should do. Shit, don't even ask any decks. Be silent, spend some time with self and check-in. You have all the fucking tools you need. With enough soul searching you will to know which step to take.
REBEL Deck ASSfirmation: I am a wise motherfcker. I pay attention to my inner guidance and I know when to move forward…

REBEL Reading: Money

You think you got it allll fucking figured out. And maybe you most areas. But there's a big fat light shining on that place in your life where you could really use the advice of an expert.
You need a new set of eyeballs, someone who has a lot of experience to help you move past where you're stuck. 
It might have to do with your health (physical or mental), your professional path, relationships or maybe it's...
MONEY! The second card is all about that dough. It's time to make some shit happen and get that green coming in. 
If the two together hit ya hard, then get an expert to help you in saving, planning, investing, taxes, or starting that biz.
It's all good to fly solo or ask your besties for advice. But these cards are showing up now because you're ready to level up, and sometimes we need some new fucking advice to get to places we've never been!
REBEL Deck ASSfirmation: I am open to receive help in all forms. I am ready for all the fucking abunda…