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"WTF" Weekly Mini REBEL Reading!
A little kick-in-the-ass to get you through your week!
Energy be rowdy right now. People are getting all worked up over shit that "shouldn't" matter. (I'm not sayin' that's you).

Fuckit. I am saying that is you.
And ME.

It can be everyone at some point in the week, and today's draw reminds us to CHILL OUT. Stop using your precious mind to obsess about shit that has already happened.
Use your beautiful brain to create, to inspire, to heal. Cancel out the drama and inject gratitude.
Need help? Exercise, therapy, art, and service are all good places to start.
Hell, maybe even strippin' down and blasting your favorite music might be the answer?
Allsimsayingis try it!

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation: I respond to the fuckery life hands me by relaxing into it. I take that bullshit and use it as fuel to create a better life. I am not above dancing shit out in my undies.
The GAME was used today. Get it here.
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"WTF" Weekly Mini REBEL Reading!
A little kick-in-the-ass to get you through your week!
Fuck! It feels great to be back bitchchas!
And what better message to start with than one that tells your rebellious ass to keep doing your thang!?
I wasn't shocked when this card was drawn because people are becoming stronger in their sense of self (myself included, and it feels amazing btw). 
This is just a confirmation to continue to look within for insight and validation. If we can quiet the bullshit, we have everything we need inside.
This is also a sign to keep your shit of other people's business..especially if you're trying to make them more like you, or make them do what YOU think is right for them.
Hold space for others to let them be themselves, make their mistakes, or believe what they want to believe (even if you don't agree).
Spend your time and energy filling your own fucking cup of fabulousness because the world needs more happy and authentic people (like y…