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"WTF" Weekly Mini REBEL Reading! A little kick-in-the-ass to get you through your week!   The past can be like a fucking old-ass sweater. Comfy and familiar. It can also be worn out, smelly and unflattering. If the GAME "Scenario" Card resonates with you today, some old shit from your past is coming up and it's time look at it.  Maybe you throw out that pattern like you get rid of that stank-ass sweater? One way to start clearing is realizing you are WORTH a new start! You are a different person than you were in the "past" so why not give yourself the space to release something that doesn't serve you as you are right now? And another thing... Time to shut that beautiful mouth for a second. Listen. Listen to your trusted people, listen to your inner guidance. Listen to nature or guided meditations. Just choose to receive energy, instead of expending it through your damn words. Maybe your old patterns (like th