REBEL Reading: Self-care

I'm gonna keep it real with you, I'm tired AF.  So I'm gonna keep this ultra-short and sweet (cuz I can't NOT do this cuz I love it!)

Hmmm, maybe these cards came up because of the possible family dinners, or time in those fucking crowds? But even if you haven't been doing a ton of people-y stuff, it's ok to hibernate (cue fuzzy socks).

And while you're spending all that time alone, focus on you. Leave their dumb shit to them. Hone in on what you can do to make your life better. Once you take back your power and focus on what you CAN change - your ass will feel energized!

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I know when to shut my mouth and I honor the time I need to be by my-fucking-self. I allow people the space to be themselves, even if that means they will be assholes. I focus on my shit and love myself enough to rest.

The Original Deck was is used today.

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