REBEL Reading: Boundaries

Why, oh why, do we waste our precious fucks? Why do we not set boundaries? Why do we not consider the source when we listen to bullshit?

Should I keep going?

Why does it matter what people think of how we choose to show up in the world, who we choose to love, or how to BE? 

If no one is getting hurt, then why does it matter what others think about YOUR LIFE?

If this first card strikes a chord, then you're giving fucks about shit you shouldn't be. Maybe they're small things, maybe they're big. Either way, take inventory on how you spend your time and attention!

Maybe you do need to start giving a fuck about your sleep. Time to get some of that sweet soul balm... asap. 

Too many times we blow shit out of proportion, not because of a real issue, but because our needs haven't been met. 

We haven't rested, eaten well, exercised, taken time for ourselves... then when we lose our ish, we blame everything and everyone else.

Just. Don't.

Know yourself well enough to check your moods and do the self-care. 

It's amazing what can be cured by saying, "Fuck it, I'm taking a nap". 

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I don't give fucks when they shouldn't be given. I honor my needs because life is sweeter when I've fucking slept.

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