A Naughty + Nice Reading

It's not a big fucking surprise that these cards would come up for this week's reading.

Why is it so hard to get to the root of issues? Cuz it can hurt like a betch, that's why! That deep cry where you can't breathe? Ugh. But damn it if that isn't what is needed sometimes.

Our body can clear shit when it is allowed to acknowledge feelings.

Too many times, we try to figure out WHY we are feeling what we're feeling. Our head and heart speak different languages and sometimes we just have to accept our emotions as they are. We need to give them the space to clear so that we can move the fuck forward.

So embrace those tears bitchachas, and know you can handle whatever lies beneath. 

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I embrace my tears as healing tears. I'm not afraid of the deep fucking emotions. I am strong enough to explore who I am and feel what I feel.

The Original Rebel Deck and The Universe Has Your Back Deck was used today.

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