REBEL Reading: Money

You think you got it allll fucking figured out. And maybe you most areas. But there's a big fat light shining on that place in your life where you could really use the advice of an expert.

You need a new set of eyeballs, someone who has a lot of experience to help you move past where you're stuck. 

It might have to do with your health (physical or mental), your professional path, relationships or maybe it's...

MONEY! The second card is all about that dough. It's time to make some shit happen and get that green coming in. 

If the two together hit ya hard, then get an expert to help you in saving, planning, investing, taxes, or starting that biz.

It's all good to fly solo or ask your besties for advice. But these cards are showing up now because you're ready to level up, and sometimes we need some new fucking advice to get to places we've never been!

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I am open to receive help in all forms. I am ready for all the fucking abundance that is coming my way!

The Original Deck was used today.

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