REBEL Deck Reading: Inner Guidance

Energy has been weird AF recently. I don't care if you blame it on planets or oncoming holidays or daylight savings time, but shit has been a little off.

This card was pulled for y'all so you hold up. Maybe not forever - but just for a bit. Don't force anything, big or small. 

If you do a quick scan of your life right now, you'll know exactly what SHOULD NOT happen right now.

Maybe you're about to make a purchase you shouldn't, reconnect with someone, or maybe even indulge in self-sabotaging behavior. Nah, Bitchacha. Now is not the time.

The second card is challenging you to really figure some shit out. Don't go asking everyone else what you should do. Shit, don't even ask any decks. Be silent, spend some time with self and check-in. You have all the fucking tools you need. With enough soul searching you will to know which step to take.

REBEL Deck ASSfirmation:
I am a wise motherfcker. I pay attention to my inner guidance and I know when to move forward and when to fucking wait.

The Original Deck was used today.

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